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Streetfood is a lifestyle ...

To travel for the passion to serve high quality food for affordable prizes needs access to high quality ingredients to keep the passion to travel... For us the journey started many years ago far south from Kiruna in a restaurant at the Swedish east coast. Via Norway's capital Oslo we followed the call of unspoiled wilderness to Lapland. Clean environment and untouched wilderness grant fast access to genuine products of highest quality and sums up our experience for our guests: Affordable culinaric experiences "to go"!

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Zeb & Cicci

We might follow the lifestyle and change our locations frequently. But right now you can find us here


+46 - (0)76 - 78 63 50 1

Konduktörsgatan 22
981 34 Kiruna

local products

The reindeer- and moose-meat that we serve in our meals is produced in Kiruna in highest quality by

Stenbergs vilt

in Kiruna


www.kirunarestaurant.com is run by "Stejk"

meat & bacon sub